An air show is a symphony of coordination: performers, FAA, thousands of spectators, emergency services, music, narrators - and the unforeseen. With all these moving parts, hiring the right company to manage your event is the most critical decision you can make.


George Cline's Airboss, Inc. provides Airbosses with over 70 years combined actual ATC experience and more than 50 years combined airshow Airboss experience. Airboss, Inc. is THE AUTHORITY in FAA air show, airspace and ATC regulations. This unrivaled experience combined with a showman’s personality and touch guarantees a safe, smooth event.


  • Full-service provision of Air Boss, Operations, Sound, Narrators, Performers, and Marketing
  • Available Temporary Control Tower and Special Advisory Services for non-towered fields
  • State-of-the-Art Mobile Command Tower - an AirBoss, Inc. EXCLUSIVE!
  • Specially designed ICOM radios with increased range and quality - NOT military surplus!
  • Best Practices for year-to-year success and improvement of your air show
  • Can provide multiple top-tier Air Bosses for several shows simultaneously
  • Thorough industry-leading multimedia FAA pilot briefings

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