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George Cline

Lori Cline

Jim Crum

Steve Clegg



Lori Cline is a Standards Check Airman and FAA Designee for a major airline. Captain Cline is the former Director of Flight Safety and Quality Assurance, experience directly applicable to airshow ops.

Her diverse aviation experience includes ratings in helicopters, seaplanes and gliders.

Highly proactive in the aviation industry, Captain Cline is a past Executive Council Member of the International Society of Woman Airline Pilots. She is also a member of the Whirly-Girls, The Wings Club and the Ninety-Nines.

In addition to her work with Airboss, Inc., She has designed three permanent exhibits for aviation museums on woman airline pilots and lectures extensively on her profession.

Lori has collaborated on several published books including: "Ladybirds, The Story of American Woman in Aviation" and "Ladybirds II", The Continuing Story of American Woman in Aviation"

Lori brings all this experience, enthusiasm and professionalism to Airboss, Inc.

Lori's considerable talents can become integral to your show's success.



220 Seven Oaks Landing Belmont, NC 28012 - 336.337.8183 - Airbossinc@triad.rr.com